Wave making actress, Toyin Aimakhu, has denied vehemently the tale making the rounds that her London-based lover and fiancé, Lekan, has called it quit with her over allegation of infidelity as well as her alleged fight with Fatiah Balogun.

The star actress that loves to show off her boob’s described the tale as wickedness, adding that her spirit would never forgive the brain behind such an image-tarnishing tale.

In the first instance, let me tell you, I am used to such a thing; I have developed a very thick skin now. So, I couldn’t be bothered by whatever rumour mongers may say.

Equally, I need not let the brain behind that wicked allegation go scot-free. My spirit won’t forgive whoever may be responsible for all the wicked stories against me.

Probed on the exact situation of things between herself and Lekan, the lavishly pretty and talented actress reacted thus: “I thought you heard what I told you earlier.

I am not bothered, nobody can destroy my relationship with Lekan, he knows me well and he understands the nature of my job, he too is less concerned about what people say or write about me. And besides, we have talked about it and everything is okay between us.

Her fiancé, Lekan, reacting to the allegation with dismay, said the rumour mongers are jobless to be saying what is not right. “I have always told you, don’t mind rumour mongers. They are jobless and they are only looking for a way of distracting you. Don’t mind them, nothing can separate us, he assured his love.