Friends of this high-flying Yoruba actress, Toyin Aimaku, who are so concerned about her reckless lifestyle are said to be making frantic effort to refurbish her life.

Toyin, who is known as ‘Animashaun’ in the movie industry due to her insatiable appetite for sex, gathered, easily gets carried away whenever she takes a little sip from any brand of green bottles.The other time at one of the hospitality havens on Toyin Street, Ikeja, Toyin was said to have gotten drunk to stupor and started dancing haphazardly.

Worons as she’s also called is a daughter of a clergyman in Ibadan, though, born in Kogi, her parents who have tried all their best possible to call her to order are said to have given up on their struggle as Toyin, has become uncontrollable and the one-time obedient daughter now gives no hoot about whose ox is gored and this act, we gathered, has become a real pain in the heart of the highly religious parents.
We even learnt that her parents have disowned her when all effort to take her to the path of righteous has been futile

By Alonge Michael for