’30 Rock’ star will be a Nigerian prince looking for his fortune

What if one of those e-mail scams about a Nigerian prince needing your help to access his fortune were true? And said member of royalty showed up on your doorstep looking for further aid? Well, wonder no longer. Tracy Morgan will answer all your questions and address your fears when he stars and produces “Freshman Roommates,” for Paramount Pictures.

According to Variety, the story kicks off when a young man answers one such e-mail during a drunken stupor. Soon thereafter, the spoiled son of a deposed African dictator, played by Morgan, shows up at his door, looking to secure his inheritance. Hilarity ensues inevitably, because after all, it is Tracy Morgan. T.J. Millerwill also star in the comedy.

Morgan will be joined by some more NBC family — David Miner, “30 Rock” executive producer, will serve in the same capacity on the film; and “Saturday Night Live” writer John Mulaney co-wrote the script.

The comedian last showed off his acting chops in “First Sunday” this summer. Miller was last seen running for his life with a camera in hand in ” Cloverfield.” .