The year 2008 will soon be a thing of the past but the impact made by different fashion style trends will linger in the minds of many for a long time. The year witnessed a lot of beautiful and colourful fashion styles in dresses, shoes, bags and jewellery. One of the remarkable trends is bold fashion style.

There was bold in everything- colours, jewellery, handbags, clutch bag, belt, eyeglasses and bold prints. Big bags in different shapes and sizes became a dramatic way to make style statements.

The year’s fashion in sunglasses was breathtaking as shield provided another exciting trend in sunglasses. 2008 trends brought forward the big, bold necklace as the fashion accessory of the season. Wide belt was back on the scene though not everybody could wear them. Bold bloomed in dresses too and the seasons floral emerged bigger and brighter. Also bold colours such as yellow, lemon pink and orange, sprung up everywhere.

One of the strongest trends of the season was the obsession with volume. Everything from sleeve, skirts to evening dresses were puffed and pumped.
Ruffles, ribbons and bows sprouted up in the fashion scene. There were bows everywhere from shoes to bags and dresses.

Print dresses was one of the most exciting fashion trends that surfaced in 2008. They came in different colours and patterns. There were also painted flowers on shoes, bags, belts, dresses, skirts and shirts.
Nautical and traditional looks offer navy, red and white combinations idealy suited for both work and casual wear.

Short skirt and mini dresses were part of the hottest 2008 fashion trend and was spotted by almost everyone. Also, one shoulder fashion dress was a key component of world’s fashion in 2008 and was dotted by a lot of international celebrities like Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth, Lindsay Lohan and so on.

Bows made a come back in the fashion world of 2008. They were every where from clothes to shoes and bags and adorned every place on a garment-top, bottom, front and back. There were soft bows and fluffy bow, wide, narrow, and in-between bows.

Sheer fabric was back as one of the hottest 2008 fashion trend. It came in tight, see-through tops and dresses that scream look at me. Also in fabrics, lace and chiffon were trendy too.
In the world of shoes, platform, peep toe and flat shoes also reigned in the world of 2008 fashion.
Tunic and trousers have always been in the fashion scene but this time round, people rekindled it and pairing a tunic with trousers became the season’s most wearable trend.