She is ‘big’ and beautiful with a reputation that sets her apart from the other actresses. ENIOLA BADMUS made her entry into the movie world eleven years ago with the movie ‘Brutal Times’ and ever since, she has had countless movies both in English and Yoruba to her credit. She is a recognised face, having been involved in some television jingles and promotions. Undermining her size ENIOLA is one actress that goes with confidence on and off set. She speaks with Spice on her career, the movie industry, her private life and lots more. Enjoy:

How is life and how is the acting career treating you?
We thank God, acting is going on well.

How long have you been acting?
I have been acting since 1997 and that is about eleven years now. I actually started with an English film. I have been acting right from my university days at the University of Ibadan.

Which was your first movie?
Brutal times.

Why did you abandon English home video for Yoruba?.
actually, I didn’t abandon English home video completely, I still do TV series in English. I have about two of such soaps running on some television channels now. Though, there was a time I almost left but I didn’t abandon the genre completely. I noticed that there was a lot of tribalism there. About two or three producers actually approached me to consider adopting an Igbo name which I rejected. I told them I would not sell my birth right. More so, my parents won’t be happy with me.

I’m from a very good home. So I told them that if they couldn’t accept me for what I am, I would rather go to where I’ll be accepted better and that was why I crossed over to the Yoruba sector. But now, I still do TV series. But there’s a project in the pipeline now that has to do with the English sector. They’ve been calling me back now.

When you compare the Yoruba and the English movie scene, which would you say is the most lucrative?
Let me say in the English sector, the fee is high and lucrative, but the Yoruba sector too is not doing badly at all. I must confess, the Yoruba sector made me as an actress. But in terms of money, Yoruba genre is far behind and that is basically because they help each other, sometimes without a fee being attached. Yoruba people believe in helping each other and they promote each other’s work with little or no fee attached.

Is it true that you often go physical with people?.
Let me tell you something. I’m Eniola Badmus .Nobody can be like me. I might try to be someone else on set but actually I’m still myself. Again, I don’t engage myself in any mess. Anything that has to do with rubbish I don’t engage in it. I do my own thing my own way. All the same, I’m very careful about what I do. First thing, I remember is my background. I know the kind of family I have, especially my father. I can’t do anything that would drag the name of my family in the mud.

They might say I fight a lot because sometimes, I can be violent but all the same, I try to put my emotions under control because I feel some people are looking up to me in the society. I don’t do nonsense. I don’t do rubbish. I hold my father in a very high esteem hence. I will never mess up my family’s name. I don’t pick quarrels with people. I play with people a lot. Only those who don’t know me well conclude that I’m arrogant.

So, what could easily annoy you?
When you take me for granted. Some people would want to play on one’s intelligence and that could easily make one angry. For me to fight with somebody means that person must have over-reached him or her self. Ordinarily, I play a lot. I live for others to live.

How many movies have you featured in since?
I’ve lost count. I can’t just count them. But the only thing that makes me happy is when I look through my C.V, I feel happy knowing that I have done adverts for Celtel (now Zain) and Central Bank of Nigeria.

Which of these adverts made you smile to bank?
The Celtel advert because it includes the TV commercial, print,billboards and souvenirs while the pay was well over a million bucks.

Considering your size, you are a wonderful actress. What is the confidence that keeps you going?
It is God that makes such achievement come true, not just by my abilities alone.

Which part of the country are you from?
I am an Ijebu girl with an Egba mother.

You are also easily identified for your jewelries and make-ups. Is that your signature?
May be, may be not. But I am a very colorful person and I like colorful things. In the whole of the make-up, my favourite is the eye shadow; I really take my time to wear it. You know I am big but I am not fat, so I try to make my face as attractive as I can and I play with colours, especially the bright ones.

In most of your movies, you have played several roles ranging from the campus hard babe to prostitute. Who is the real Eniola Badmus?
Eniola Badmus is just a simple person that is as regular as everyone else. You know, as an actress, you should be able to play any role you are given well, but unfortunately, some people think that we are what they see in movies, butit is not so, I amjust like any other girl.

What is your view on sexual harassment in Nollywood. Is it real?
Yes it is real in Nollywood.

Have you ever been sexually harassed?
Yes I have been sexually harassed but that was when I just started out, when I was still new in the industry.

So what did you do?
I prayed about it and somehow, I overcame it.

How do you handle advances from male fans, especially the very stubborn ones?
The truth of the matter is that they must come but it will now be left to the person to decide whether she wants it or not. For me, I appreciate them and make them understand my stand and I also draw the line between work and pleasure.

So who is that special man in your life right now?
Oh! That person is a wonderful person and caring too. Really, I want to get married and settle down but I am still single and ready to mingle.

You are not searching… ?
Obviously when I say I am ready to mingle, it means I am still searching.

Who is your kind of man?
When I see a man that is good looking, tall and dark in complexion.

At what age did you have your first date?
When I was 23″

How romantic are you?
I know I am very romantic. Very, very.

What is your choice when it comes to underwear?
What do you mean underwear?

I mean the pants, brassier and negligees, so what is your choice colour for such?
It may surprise you to know that I wear only one of the three you just mentioned.

So which one is that?
I don’t want to say, I leave the guess to you but I wear only one of them.

Have you had any embarrassing moment for playing a particular role in a movie?
I get a whole lot of that every other day. When we go to shoot, our audience sometimes will not allow you to move. Some will demand for money from you just because they watch and buy your movies, forgetting that we are also humans like they are with blood running through us too.
What is your favourite food?
My favourite food is an Ijebu native food called Ikokore.

What is one good thing that you can say acting has done to you as a person?
It has done a whole lot to me. I am a person who loves to travel and meet people and this career has taken me far and wide, it has made me go places and I have been privileged to meet with all sorts of people.