Trinity ;means three in one ,it is mostly used in Christian definition of God the Father ,God the Son and God the Holy spirt.

Trinity is like a Coin ,it has three inseperable sides .The face,the back and the edge.There is no way you can remove one of the three and still present it as a coin or legal tender .

The three sides work as one and presented as one ,used as one and dwell as one.None can exist without the other and if you seperate any of side ,it will become counterfit and not fit to be used for anything at any time .

As in Trinity ,God the Father ,the creator of the Universe,the God that has no begining nor an end.He made the world a dwelling place for human,just because he choose to ,he gave us different tongues and language just because he likes it that way,he made us Man and Woman because he is God.

He set his throne in Heaven and protect it with many things including STARS,MOON,SUN and many other planets that we can or cannot see.
He is ageless because he is God.He is eternity and that makes him God.

Jesus Christ the son of GOD is the one that paid our price after our Adamic sin condemned us to brutal eternity in hell,but GOD the son ,came down to earth and dwell with us ,so that he can mop away all our transgression .

He was crucified on the cross ,that way our own crucification has been ransomed by a higher power.

He led us on the path of ritheousness for his name sake and he set a path for us ,for those that wants to meet him in Heaven.

God the Holy spirit ,is the one that keeps us holy ,the one that protects us from the snares of the evil one ,who was driven from Heaven many many many moons ago.

Holy Spirit is the sanctifier ,he is the one that gives us boldness ,he is the one that empowers us to gain the outspokeness from above.

This three Awesome GOD are same ,they are inseperable ,they work as a team and they are joined like a coin ,you can never seperate any one from the others.

That is why you cannot understand Trinity and the beauty ,nor the way it works.

Nobody can figure out GOD nor his ways ,so stop trying to figure him out .

If you want to start figuring him out ,you should first of all ,figure out where is the Pillar that is holding the earth is located.

Where is the cloud up above ? ,you can travel by airplane and get to the clouded sky but you cannot see it ,once your plane ascend higher you will see it below you.

Try and figure our where the pillars that is holding that cloud is.

Try and figure out ,where is the rain fall that comes from above stored ,because there has not been any sighting of ice in the sky not water block ,because airplanes would,ve bumped into one ..Yet it rains at will .

Imagine at winter it rain ice ,in autumn it rains water ,during summer it shines glory.Who do you think made it to stay that way ?

Try and figure out where is the air stored ? ,who manages the air we breath ? why is it not limited ? ,why is same air in Europes are same in Arab and Africa with America ?.

Why is the air transparent and invisible to the eyes ?

Why is the earth which is under great water below ,has not been sunk ,even with the building of Sky scrappers with tough foundations and the hammerings that comes with it and yet we have not drilled enough hole to pump up water that will submerge the earth.

Just figure out why every human being is blessed with TONGUE,EYES,EARS,NOSE,HEAD,HAIR,CHIN,NECK,CHEST ,ARM,LEG ,ABDOMEN and other vitals ,because if left alone for humans ,those vital anatomy should be exclussive for those that think that they are the FIRST WORLD ,the first world will make sure that no THIRD WORLD person will have eyes,nose ,ear and Brain.

Some humans still wants to deny GOD and his great work ,but without science explaining to us ,where and what produces SALIVA ,as we know ,despite the acidic nature of saliva ,yet it will never burn off your tongue nor your teeth.

No matter how many years you lived on earth your teeth will never grow longer than your mouth.
No matter how big your are ,your head will never be heavier than your neck.
No matter how tall a man is ,his third leg will never touch his knee.
No matter the gory sight your eyes behold ,it can never shed blood instead it will shed tears.
Why is tears salty but can never hurt the eyes ?.

God is not some job for us to figure out ,Trinity is not something you can break apart .We can explain science but not God.

Do not forget that God does not need election to retain his position.
He does not have to explain his actions to you nor any committee
God is God and no amount of disagreement will change his status as GOD.
What makes him God is that he is not accountable to any body and ,he is GOD that creates not the God that takes .

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