2Baba, whose name has become a household name not just in Nigeria but in the whole of the African continent. He is one of the most decorated and successful hip-hop artists, he is popularly called ‘Father of all Nations’

The African queen crooner has seven children from three different women

He married Annie with whom he has two daughters in 2012.

He posted about how he likes woman and his wife was one of those that responded, using emoji to represent how she felt, and it got fans asking,

Is there trouble in paradise?

2face, who opened up about his choice of the woman, posted:

‘A lot of them have been false, while a lot of them have been true. Some are true, no doubt, but a lot, like I said, is so false. It is like that, and it has been like that’.

‘Married life is cool. We don dey do wetin married people dey do. We don dey sidon together, we go laugh, we go quarrel small (laughs), we go come hold each other again as if no be us quarrel some moments ago. Life has been kind to us since we got married.