Fairness is needed in this game. I spent my weekend in Abuja in the home of a family friend whose movie library has more than 1000 movies. she has all the classic old Nigerian movies and we spent the weekend watching them. We needed the break. After hustling at Ijeoma Patricks’s wedding, we needed some me time! Congrats latest bride in town.

I must stand on my feet for Genevieve Nnaji. It is no wonder she is a household name. just watching her in titles like Super Love, Women Affairs, Treasure, among others. The kind of energy she had, the total and wholesome performances is what endeared this young lady to many hearts.

I also realize why there is competition between her and Omotola. Whiles Omotola has an air of class in all her older films, Genevieve brought on rawness.

In the recent times, the things have changed. it is Omotola who has the rawness and Genevieve the air of class. The only thing I can say happened to Genevieve is that the pressure of fans has sent her into a shell. I am sure it will be scary not knowing what your fans will like. I am yet to see the new films, the international ones she has done. I have seen Ije and I cannot say I see a different performance from Silent Scandal or Bursting Out. I am looking forward to Tango with me and Mirror Boy which I plan to watch as soon as I can get into the theater.

Right now I can’t seem to get enough of the old Genevieve. The one who held nothing back. I wonder if we can see a Genevieve who will strap a goat across her shoulder like mercy Johnson or the Genevieve who was a lesbian in women affairs. She needs a script and director who can bring that rawness back.

On the whole, these old movies give a clear understanding to why we love Genevieve Nnaji and why she is the most sought after star in Nigeria.

In fact, these Tonto Dike’s and Oge Okoye’s and their fellow blackberry babes need to go for some education from these old movies. All the makers of the Idumota movies must go back to the drawing board and bring us stories that do not bore our actors and force them to give us raw performances.

Yes we Can.