The President of the Trade Union Congress, TUC, Comrade Kiagama Bobbo has disclosed reason why the body did not adhere to Labours call for a nationwide strike.



He disclosed this yesterday in Abuja by saying that the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC only wanted the Federal government to revert the new fuel price policy without considering other critical issues at hand.


In his words, “At this meeting, we drew attention of our NLC colleagues that there was no reason we should be persistent about one position…lets proffer alternative positions but they insisted there is not alternative position except the government brings back the price to N86.


“Then we asked, is that your only position and you are not changing to any other alternative? And they said yes. And the TUC said we were given a first and alternative mandate by our executive, and this is our alternative. Then we asked them to see reason with our own alternative but they said no. That was where disagreement entered.


“So I want Nigerians to use their sense of judgement and reason if you were in our shoes, the position you would have taken? It is important that in terms of taking decision that will affect the masses, one does not take a fanatical position and eventually mislead people.”