Getting married early could sometimes be the best choice to make at some point especially when there is also the means to complement it and for wife of legendary footballer, Amarachi Kanu, she seems to have made the right choice.

Though not wishing her daughter to get married like her in an early stage, Amarachi, is indeed proud of herself with ho far she has come as she turns a year older today May 27, 2015.

Just turning 30, blessed with three children, she believes that rather than get scared that she is getting old, she believes that she just has to use the opportunity to make the best out of life.

In her words, “Turning thirty can sometimes be a confusing juncture of life. It can be dreadful enough to make people feel that they are finally not young anymore. At the same time, it can  motivate people to start living their lives the fullest. Guess what? I choose life.”