Follow up to our earlier report on Anita Joseph’s stand on the disturbing spate of failed marriages and her subsequent request for a refund of her aso ebi money, newly engaged fiancée of Ogbonna Kanu, Laura Ikeji has come out to disagree with her.

According to Laura, the threat of danger, abuse and violence women go through far outweighs the price of aso ebi which Anita is crying over. Hear her:  “pls stop begging women to go back to bad marriages. Women are dying everyday from domestic violence. Stop complaining about how much you bought asoebi and help these women get out of danger. RIP angel.”

Obviously, Laura didn’t get Anita well. Anita didn’t say women should stay in abusive relationships. She just felt the ease of exit is disturbing. And rightly so. She even went ahead to hammer on the core values of maturity and patience needed to make things work. When viewed against the background of celebrity marriages, Laura’s decision to join issues with her the way she has done seems rather quarrelsome and calculated to cook beef.

Laura’s cause against violence and abuse is valid. Anita’s call for maturity and patience is equally valid. What is not is the idea of jumping out once the boat rocks.

What is not quite clear is why Laura and not any of Anita’s targets? One would have expected Laura Ikeji, whose excitement over been recently engaged is still very fresh in cyber memory, to agree with Anita, right? And who is the Angel to R.I.P?

Do you think Laura is right. Or you stand with Anita Joseph? Your take is vital, before the matter gets out of hand.