25 year old Joseph Mattarelliano had allegedly attacked a U.S based Nigerian priest, Uriroghene Okrokoto.

Uriroghene was a new priest posted to The Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church in Marine Park, Brooklyn.

He was said to be walking down T and Ford Street when Mattarelliano confronted him and verbally assaulted him and wielded a baseball bat at him saying he would split the Priest’s head.

He said: “Go back to the projects, or your neighborhood in Flatbush where you came from!” Mattarelliano allegedly yelled at the priest while wielding a baseball bat. “Otherwise, I’m gonna split your head.”

All this assault has increased since the emergence of Donald Trump as the new president of America who is a Renowned Racist.

Meanwhile, the Priest allegedly responded to his attacker saying: “What are you doing in my neighborhood? Did you make money? Leave this f–ing neighborhood, you f–ing n—er.”