The Triple MG Boss who last time on news told us that the scariest thing he has ever done was proposing to his wife and is also having marital issues just escaped death today from the hands of a Chinese man.

He explained that earlier today, he was at LIFEMATE furniture show room to enquire about the services he paid for that was not rendered, but he was directed to the boss who is a Chinese man.

When he got to meet the Chinese man, the Chinese man,did not attend to him rather he walked away, all efforts made by Franklin to talk to him were futile. This time he decided to tell the Chinese man that his attitude was not good especially to his customer and started leaving the shop.

Then something weird happened as he was leaving.

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He explained;

“As I was walking out the door I heard someone scream, I turned my back, only for me to see the Chinese man running towards me with two knives. But for the quick intervention of my cousin the story would have been different.”

This time the Chinese man deserved being handed over to the police and Franklin did just that.

He said;
“I handed him over to the police who then transferred him to Maroko police state and he was asked why he wanted to stab me and he said Cos I said “see this Chinese man o”. Anyways God got me covered Physically and spiritually” 

There is something common about Franklin’s statements,he has shown us that he believes so much in God.

We join him to thank God for this testimony of his. And as for the Chinese man, he went too far. If people were stabbed because of every comment they make, there is possibility that no one would be remaining in this world.