Movie star, Uche Ogbodo is very angry and she has bared her mind.

She said; “Some people don’t know what they are doing. They feel they can dictate to one how one should live. The fact that I am in the ‘public eye’ does not mean I should stop living my life. I didn’t come into the world to please anybody. I came to enjoy myself.”

“Anybody who wants me to be or act a certain way should tell their sisters or wives to be that way. They should tell their female relatives to be dressing like grandmothers. How dare you tell another woman who you are not responsible for how to live her life. I don’t care about what society thinks or says.”

“Society does not put food on my table. Rather, I work very hard to feed myself. People can say whatever they want about how they feel a mother should dress. However, I know what I want for myself.”

“I usually interact with my fans. I respond to most of the comments on my page, except the ones I did not see. My true fans can testify that I talk to everybody, regardless of who they are.”

“If anyone insults me, I would insult the person in return. But, if someone brings good tidings, I would also respond in a good way. I am not one of the celebs that ignore people. I want people to interact with me but they should not try to dictate how I should live my life.

Born in Enugu State, Ogbodo’s journey to Nollywood began following the decision of her father to register her with the Actors Guild of Nigeria in Enugu State. Since her debut in 2006, she has gone on to star in several films.