When she gave her hair a new cut she got bashed for it but now Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, is now enjoying her new looks as she continues to give the hair various styles.

The actress, who just got back from Malaga, Spain, from a movie premiere ‘Zero Deal,’ is all shades of beauty and still rocking her pretty tomboy hair style.

The hair did get her into trouble back then as she was even described as looking like a masquerade but she came to defend herself then that the role she was to play in a movie in Abuja, was what led to her having the hair cut.

She even went to stress that she will do anything to ensure that she secures her job as an actress. Well, she is back and better so haters have got nothing on her again.

hair (1).png

hair (2).png

hair (3).png

hair (4).png