Nigerian Actress Uche Ogbodo turns a year older today and she did a photoshoot to mark the special day. Uche looks so cute and diaper in the photos released today and in the caption, she made some revelations about herself.

The mother-of-one said she is 31 years old today and it is not as bad as she thought it would be. She also did hype her youthful appearance, boasting that she could pass for someone ten years younger. In another photo, she revealed that she had been hard on herself all these years but has now decided to take a step back and be more appreciative of who she has become.

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She wrote:

“I Was Hard On Myself For Years! But I have Decided now to Sit back, Marvel at my life: at the grief that Softened Me, at the Heartache that wisened me, at the Suffering that Strengthened me. Despite Everything, I still Evolve, Stronger & More Determined. I am So Proud Of ME!!! Proud Of how far I have come and I’m still growing.”