Not everybody is aware that Nollywood’s C-list actresses do scramble for air tickets,visas and other documents to attend international events such as Film Festivals and awards and one of such events is United Kingdom’s hosted Zulu African Films Academy Awards,ZAFAA.

Another topic that has remained cemented is the reason behind such rush,as it is not widely known to people,aside top filmmakers who have witnessed this development in UK.

We gathered that these crop of actresses struggle to be present at these events not just because of their passion for the arts and to witness how their reputable colleagues are recognized,but they travel to UK under the umbrella of ZAFAA to engage in repulsive activities.

According to insider sources,there have been situations when Nollywood babes who travel to UK with the pretence of attending ZAFAA and other events will not honor the main programs,as they actually stormed the city to visit big boys and white men who have booked their services weeks before their arrival.

As gathered,babes who engage in this unpleasant lifestyles charge their customers $2000 to $5000 per week.

Actresses who were not booked from Nigeria move inside the town and hustle for few dollars before returning home.They have turned the prestigious award as an avenue to engage in other “acting jobs” to enrich their pockets.

One of such actresses who traveled with other filmmakers to 2011 edition of this award and refused to return to Nigeria with them is Enugu State born screen diva, whom was recently beaten to a pulp at a movie location by movie marketers.

According to information gathered from insider sources,the sexy actress,who went extra miles to get her travelling documents to UK disappeared into thin air immediately after the ceremony,she not only left the hotel where she was accommodated but also missed her flight back to Lagos.

More on this later.