Actor cum model, Gbenro Ajibade, is certainly not in a good mood. The father of one has been lamenting about his assorted smoked meat (kilishi), which was confiscated at the airport.

The actor came to Nigeria from his base in the United States and decided to buy N50,000 worth of kilishi on his way back.

However, on landing and going through immigration, his kilishi was confiscated, due to ban on all meat from African countries because of the widespread of monkey pox.

Most especially in the United States, where cases of the disease has been on the rise.

He took to social media to lament about his loss, he wrote; “They took all my kilishi at the airport.

“Dear friends, kilishi, dambo nama and all the meat has been banned from the United States coming in from Africa! They just took N50k worth of kilishi. Everything!!”