Esegine Allen, better known by his stage name Orezi, is a Nigerian musician from Delta State.

A student in the university of Lagos reject a scholarship offer from the singer and asked him to rather give her his expensive Rayban sunshade, which left the singer surprised.

The incident occurred at the famous Moremi hall at university of Lagos where the singer was hired to perform.

When Orezi was performing, he paused to give scholarship to a girl who happens to be in the same department that he was. The girl is in her first year at the institution and the singer promised to pay till her final year. To the surprise of the crowd and the singer the girl refused his scholarship offer and instead she asked him to give her his glasses in the place of the scholarship.

Maybe the girl is from a well to do family or she does not want to give herself hopes and later the singer does not fulfill his promises.

Orezi began his music career in early 2009. Orezi’s first musical release was “I No Fit Lie”. The music video for the song was shot in South Africa. The song became Radio Continental’s theme song. He rose to prominence with his song “Rihanna” in 2013.