What you are about to read is one of the best kept secrets and perhaps also one of the most discussed stories in today’s music industry.
Reputed as one of the best and most sought after producers in the country today, so many untrue stories have been told and written about this young Isoko, Delta State born man (surprised?) And from all intent, the stick welding baritone producer who started off his career asa singer seems to regale in the foolery that he’s subjected his numerous fans to.

One of the most disturbing information ever peddled by rumour mongers is the identity of the ace producer’s real father.

At a stage, renown actor and former NTA staff, Mr. Enebeli Elebuwa was touted as his real father and since the Delta State Igbo speaking actor had no answers to the numerous and prodding questions from journalists, confusion reigned.

To put the record straight, Enebeli Elebuwa is not Don Jazzy father, but he is one of his father’s best friends. As a matter of fact (see photo below), Mr. Elebuwa was of one the several back-up singers (surprised again?) that participated in the recording of Don Jazzy’s father’s signed on artiste called Detty Dusty.

As you are about to discover, we are revealing to you our dear readers, the real story and identity of the wave making producer and President of the Mo’ Hit records, Michael Onwuneme Enebeli a. k. a. Don Jazzy. His mother, a Princess born to Umuahia, Abia State parents met and married his father, Collins Enebeli, an Isoko born Delta State whose village shares boundaries with Kwale region of the same State.

Don Jazzy was named after his maternal grandfather, who it was that honoured D’Banj with the Chieftaincy title of Osi na Nwata Buru Ogaranya of Amafor Isingwu in Umuahia, Abia State.

That Don Jazzy is a successful producer today, didn’t come as surprise to many who have followed his humble beginning..

At age five, Don Jazzy already had eyes for the microphone, the music console and was always in the studio in the company of veterans like Nkono Teles, Lemmy Jackson, Toks Shotade and Paul Tao a master guitarist who was also his father’s partner in the music business.

This men impacted some of the knowledge that may have given Don Jazzy the edge he has over other producers and peers in the industry today

He was also a member of Good Morning Kids, a group created by his father in the dawn of the impending debut release of Sagittarius record’s recording artiste, Detty Dusty.

Don Jazzy may be a celebrated producer in Nigeria but his father Collins Enebeli who spoke to us over the phone from his UK base said “the best is yet to come form the young man”

Every father dreams of having his son step into his shoes and right now, that’s exactly what Don Jazzy is doing. He hasn’t reached there yet. And when he get there, the world will know ”.