The disgraced female “gospel” singer, TOPE ALABI, remains at-large!

However, our authoritative source confirmed to us that on Tuesday, April 6, 2010, Tope Alabi’s husband, SOJi ALABI, showed up at the Ikoyi offices of the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) in the company of a lawyer.

According to the IPO in-charge of the case, when asked of his wife’s whereabouts, Soji Alabi said that the fugitive “gospel” singer
“traveled out.”

The Police then informed him and his lawyer that Tope Alabi was the one being sought and that she must show up in-person as soon as possible.

The lawyer then told them that they would bring her over next week.

The question is: why is Tope Alabi hiding from the Police if she is innocent of the allegations?

Folks, you be the judge!