Although most of the Ghanaian celebrities involved in the vigorous issue of the American embassy are not ready to give reasons to why they were denied travel visas, Attractive aka Mustapha Ayinde Inusah make it known to that the celebrities are not coming out because they believe the media is not the right place to solve the issue.

Attractive continues that he was part of the 25 citizens who where bounced from Ghana. He thinks The American Embassy was not fair to them, since the majorities of the applicants are well established, and met the specified requirements to obtain visas.

“They did not give us any tangible reason to why they did not approve them. I think it is not fair on their part as a reputable embassy. They have not done their work well. Most of us that were denied visas are well established people in Ghana who were just going to witness an award ceremony celebrating the good work that Ghana has accomplished in the entertainment industry and also to raise the flag of Ghana high. This is a slap in the face to the Ghanaian Entertainment industry.” He said

He also added that “The only way this problem can be solved is to sue the United States Embassy for discrimination that lead to the denial of Ghanians obtaining USA visa’s despite meeting the qualifications and requirements set by the embassy.

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