Former Big Brother Africa (BBA Season 3) housemate and winner of the BBA Season 5, Uti Nwachukwu has cried out to Nigerians.

He said; “Please I am begging you people, stop looking for shortcuts!! Whatever happened to earning your spot! The way my phones have been ringing for the past 2weeks is actually worrisome. Let’s not even get started on the DMs.”

“The conversation is always the same: please who can I pay? What are the connections? Put me inside na?”

“Sigh! You guys have it easy o! In my time it was Big Brother Africa! So who did I know? Who could possibly rigged it to give an unknown hustling University undergraduate from Delta State, the only available slot for Nigeria?”

“Now you have at least 15 if not 20 slots and you can’t believe in yourself enough to earn your own slot.”

“Top the point that some have insulted me for telling them the truth that there are no connections or payments for a slot in the big brother show.”

“Saying things like: ‘Bro. this wickedness is not the way. You don chop your own, you no wan make we chop abi? Man no be God. I go make am’.”

“I am tired. No be me get show abeg. But stop with the calls and messages. Stop looking for non existing connections.”

“People have been scammed of millions because of this: Be and believe in yourself and hope for the best. If it is your time nothing can stop you.”

“I wasn’t the first choice for BBA All stars, I was a last minute replacement to the extent that some things were still in persons name when I arrived SA.”

“I thought I was a decoy till I climbed that stage. But guess who won the show? Lol. What will be will beeeee! Face your hustle and use your faith earn with pride.

“Another fun fact: I have been on Big Brother Africa 3 times. First in 2008 BBA2 (evicted after 6weeks). Second in 2010 BBA AllStars (won the show). Third was in 2014 (Sent into spice up the show as one of the Fake Housemates). If only me get these chances, your own go easy. Believe.”