Social networking has taken centre stage in the country lately and causing lots of havoc to the masses out there. However, the advantages some of these networks bring to their users can never be downplayed as well.

Multitalented actor Van Vicker who is not on face book and twitter complained on the extent at which people go to soil his hard earned reputation all in the name of social networking. Our findings show that the Ghanaian actor has about twenty three names registered with his identity and image on face book.

In a chat with the Globacom network (GLO) ambassador (Van Vicker) he revealed to us that “I just don’t get it. But why should these (fraudsters) guys ask for money from other people in my name? I’m not on face book and twitter” he yelled.

When asked how he plans to clamp down these fraudsters, the chief executive officer of the Van Vicker foundation and Sky + Orange replied. “I’ve sent out a team to investigate all these and hopefully, we will get all those involved in these God forsaken acts. It’s just a matter of time and I believe all will end well”. He added

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