Two female celebrities who have been trying to strangle each other are at it again. We are talking about Vera Sidika who has been accused by Huddah Monroe of being HIV positive. 


Vera has published her HIV test result for the world to know that she is not a carrier of the virus but not without taking a clean revenge on Huddah.

Vera narrates her ugly  experience with Huddah “For 6 years Now, People made it a habit To Hate, Tell Lies, throw Shade…list goes On…In 2016 I decided to sit back and watch people mock me, call my family names, call me names, abuse me because of My skin, My body etc on a DAILY!!! I have been Quiet. 7 months now. Cause I chose to ignore all the Bullshit in 2016.”

She said Now. You Publicly apologize to me and as much as I didn’t trust you. I Forgive you for the sake of my fans who begged. A week later you start hating, throwing shade, abusing and threatening me.Whenever Something good Happens to Me you get back at it again. When I get international bookings to Host; China. Malaysia. USA. Etc… you’ll still hate. When I Buy properties, cars, it pains you way too much.

 You hate! Why would Getting deals affect someone so much that they threaten to beat me up? Yet u claim to be ambassador for the Youth. Oh wait, That’s what they applaud you for? Publicly threatening People?”

Vera added “Why you would be so Hurt to a point of threatening me. Beats me!!! Now  you RUN around NAIROBI claiming I am HIV Positive. For about 5 years now and Blogs Stupidly carry it. I tried so hard to keep my cool but enough is enough. I’m Human NOT a machine.