Once upon a time Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama has showcased the pictures of her kids and they are very cute. She is one mother who doesn’t joke when it comes to taking care of her kids. She has made a promise to her kids and it is lovely.

She said: “ I Promise my Children as long as I live I will Always be Your Parent 1st and your Friend 2nd. I will Stalk You Flip out on You Lecture You . Drive You insane Hunt you down like a blood hound when I have to because I love you. When you understand that I will know you have become a responsible Adult . You will never find anyone in your life who loves Prays Cares & Worries about you more than I do.

She added “If you don’t mutter under your breath ” I hate you ” at least once in your life, I am not doing my job Properly [celebrating motherhood]. To All d mothers, mothers to be and Dads in mothering roles.Happy Mother’s Day . My Best role till date #living #loving#learning #laughing (Stigmatisation of Single mums)

Stigmatisation of single mothers! What a poetic statement?