Nigerian US based event compere and comedian, Wale Gates, has won the hearts of ladies after he shared a picture of himself loosing his daughter’s hair.

Assuming he was still single, with such act, he would have gotten tones of marriage proposals from ladies as such act tends to drive them crazy.

His reasons for taking the pain to loose the daughter’s hair as to do with the fact that the amount charged to loose and make it at the salon was too expensive and not that he can’t afford it but he needed to cut cost.

In his words, “Wale! It’s £45 for Mide’s hair. 20 to remove it and 25 to re-do it” Me: “Ayomide! Sit down. money saved, we can’t be wasting money. Women dey try, took me 2hours. I didn’t know you pay for the attachment or weave to be removed. Thought you pay for the hair and they remove and fix it for the same price.  We learn everyday, women problems, black hair.”

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