The call came on wednesday night october 22,2008 and the caller identified herself as Anita Joseph and wanted to give her own side of the story which was printed on Encomium Magazine accusing her of snatching peoples husband.Hear her ”theres nothing like that,I have a seriuos relationship and thank God he understands this buisness and how it is. I am not dating any married man,I dont date married men.I know who is doing all this to hurt my career,someone is pressing the button somehwere but I am busy with my career and have no time to entertain cheap for Oge Okoyes husband,he is my friend and is like my brother,I met him through my cousin and he never asked me out,he has even introduced me to Oge before as his sister so I dont know where all this is coming from. Even before this story was printed I have heard it going around but I chose to ignore it because it is a lie from the pit of hell. I swear with my life and career that I have nothing to do with Oges husband,people should stop trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

I have a boyfriend and I am satisfied with him,I respect marriage and will never tamper with anyones marriage.I didnt want to talk about this but I was advised to contact you to clear this issue. whoever is doing this should remember that theres a God up there.Stella thank you for your time and takecare”.well they said she is a husband snatcher and she has responded that she is not so let us give her the benefit of doubt and beleive her.she said that someone somewhere is pressing buttons to run her down and that is what I am interested in,who is so interested in Anita that they want her name all over the press?That said and done,abeg somebody help me tell Anita ”abeg make we hear word,whats all this crying about? She is getting front page attention,isnt that what showbiz is all about?”