Media personality, Moet Abebe has stated that most of her colleagues fight over the same men, gigs and sponsors.

In a post shared via her Instagram Stories, the OAP said those are the reasons she has maintained a safe distance from her colleagues.

“I’m as real as real can be. With me is what you see is what you get. I see things for what they are. This is what this industry has taught me. Don’t lose yourself in all the sauce, don’t be deceived by all the fake smiles and pleasantries,” she wrote.

The media personality finally issued a stern warning to everyone involved, advising them to stay away from her.

Moet Abebe continued:

“Me I dey my lane, all these media girls unite, radio girls hang out, you dey see me for there? Nope. Why? Because it is all smoke and mirrors. People fighting for the same men, gigs and sponsors.”

Also BBNaija star Tboss has lamented over how friendships end of late saying it has become so fickle these days that you will see it like a dream with just one blink.

Friendship nowadays is based on the advantage the individuals derive from each other and it’s hard to find a genuine friend who will always be there for you and that is what Tboss termed as being fickle these days.

According to her, one blink and it would seem like the whole thing was nothing but just a dream because friendships nowadays change so frequently and the loyalty of individuals changes so fast based on a lot of things.

Most friendships today just change in the blink of an eye as Tboss said because the reason why they were friends with the other party is no more hence they have no reason to remain loyal or stay in that friendship any longer.

To have a friendship that is not fickle is hard to find these days since people change from time to time therefore if you’re very lucky to find a friendship that is not fickle, just hold unto it so tight and make sure it doesn’t change because it’s rare to find.