Hmmmmm; Water Therapy? Let us see if Amara is trying to come through the beauty/medical angle. Well, I am going to treat this topic from my own perspective.

Wondering how I came about this name? I was as confused as you are about this until I made up my mind to ask questions. A friend of mine was constantly introducing me to people as “the woman who introduced me to water therapy”.

This continued for a very long time until one day when, as usual, she introduced me to a banker friend the same way. I couldn’t help asking to the utmost bewilderment of the Banker, what she meant by water therapy. Guess at this stage you are so much in a hurry to know the meaning.

Years back, I had to step into the home of this friend. There was so much trouble in her marriage. She got to the point where she had to leave the house several times in a month. But like I always say; whatever is of God stands the test of time.

After so much prayers and counselling, I decided to use my God-given gift (my brain).I remembered what I was taught in psychology class, UNILAG by Dr.Mrs. Omoegun.

She told us a story of how she was able to put an end to years of unrest in a family. According to her, this woman came complaining bitterly about the husband’s attitude and violent nature. While the conversation lasted, my lecturer was able to see the nature of the woman.

Dr.Mrs.Omoegun noticed the woman had problem with her tongue. As a counsellor; she had to devise a means to change her and restore peace to her home.

I know some men are naturally violent and batter a woman even without her uttering a word. Don’t tell me this is not possible because I went through it and I can assuredly tell you they exist. When you are in a relationship with this kind of man, he beats you when you talk and when you make up your mind not to talk, he concludes you are indirectly calling him a fool. Handling a man in this category is always hell.

Inasmuch as I know and publicly declare that any man who raises his hands on a woman is nothing but a coward, I still have to remind us that there are times we push the men so hard with our mouth that they are forced to manifest that side of them. This was the case of the woman who went for counselling.

You know “natural intelligence” is different and well above “academic intelligence”. You can acquire all the degrees in the world and still remain a fool and an illiterate.Haven’t you seen someone who dropped out of school write and teach better than a university graduate? You need to ask God for the wisdom that flows from Him alone because that is the only thing that can see you through.

My lecturer asked the woman to see her the next day because she was going to a native doctor on her behalf.Gladly, she went home believing she was going to make the husband a zombie like so many Nigerian women.

The next day, she went for the meeting as agreed. The woman gave her a white pebble she picked from the beach with a red cloth tied to it. She told her to always run to the room and get the stone whenever her husband begins to nag in the house. The juju man said it would become powerless if she ever talked while the husband was talking. She told her to do it for one month after which she reported back to her.

The woman went back after one month thanking her for what she gave her and telling how calm and gentle the husband suddenly became. That was when she was told it was just an ordinary piece of red cloth tied on an ordinary stone, nothing fetish.

As a good student, I decided to go my lecturer’s way. I told her to always run to the fridge and fill her mouth with water whenever the husband was talking as that would teach her meekness.

I call this meekness Internal Shock Absorber. This is the greatest virtue anybody will ever have. Meekness is not weakness; it is strength that is surrounded by gentleness.

I told my friend to resist any urge to swallow the water in her mouth and give it back to her husband. This she practiced for some time until she got used to it that she no longer responds when he is angry. Today there is so much calmness and peace in her home and this reminds me of what my father has always told me; whatever peace fails to achieve, crisis will never achieve.

Civilization has got us to the point where we now feel we are equal with the man.Yes, the Holy Scriptures say that two shall become one. I agree with you, but I also want to remind you that women are still weaker vessels.

I am one person who holds African values so high that I see nothing wrong in a woman kneeling down to serve her husband food. The only thing I frown at is men wanting to control women as if they are robots. Women should be given a chance to live as individuals.

Some women in managerial positions find it difficult submitting to their man. Like a friend recently told me, when you are a wife and at the same time a career woman, you must learn to balance both for the good of your home. In the office, you are “madam “and “my Boss”, but once you get to the entrance of your house, it is always advisable removing the clothes of a boss and putting on that of a wife and mother.

I see women who don’t do anything because they are tired due to the nature of their job. I can understand you and I really feel for you because as a manager, I go through the same thing. I also advise men to sometimes put away their pride and help out.

But madam, the fact remains that there are things you are expected to do yourself and so you are not allowed to let your domestic help do them.Your husband’s room and his under wears are strictly your duty and should never be delegated.

For his food, it is only a wicked man who will insist you leave your work to feed him. But at the same time, we must use wisdom. Make sure you are the one who does the cooking and then you can adopt my style of dishing the soup into small bowls where your help picks one whenever he wants to eat before you are back from work. Whenever you are home, please make sure you serve his food yourself.

I want to check yourself; has your husband been beating you because of your inability to gain control over your mouth? Are you one of those foolish women who have their mouth running like tap without control? What are those things you do that indirectly pisses him off?

It is better to live on the top of a roof than in the same house with a nagging woman. Check yourself and make a U-turn.