Nollywood actor Muyiwa Ademola is one person to listen to when it comes to celebrity marriage talk. Muyiwa who is married to Omolara, will be  celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, which means he has seen a lot.


Since the Tiwa Savage and her husband Tunji Tee Billz Balogun saga broke out, people have been talking but Muyiwa got something alarming to share about Nigerian celebrities.

He said  that life of celebrities is always full of ups and downs. “You struggle to be famous, you go through hell to remain famous. The whole world is aware of just one DEATH but two exist in the life of a celebrity. (1) When the fame is no more, they refer to him or her as being dead! The 2nd is the terminal one. Celebrities live with so much fear, the fear of waking up one day and realize the crave for you has gone. Thank God to that great concealer “Laughter”. It hides a lot ! On several occasions, we pretend all is well whereas we hurt inside, we conceal all with laughter and smiles necessary for paparazzi. Yes we need to do it because of YOU.

He went to reveal “We pretend all is cool because you won’t spare us if we must say it out, sometimes forgetting that we are all humans, we can all err, we can all make blunders, even stupid ones. Forgetting that we are bunch of imperfect people your love and acceptance turned to celebrities. Most celebrities die before they ripe; fear of the unknown, most die with no conspicuous illness; accumulated stress and high blood pressure as a result of “God, When will I stop being relevant?” We can’t stop sharing things with you. God made us, you celebrate us, you are part of us, we are family…”