Some Nollywood actors, when asked how they view the Nigerian male-believe industry, they are always of the belief that the industry has either grown or is growing and will get there someday but that has always been an individual personal opinion.

For TV personality and actor, Sadiq Daba, his belief is that the industry really does not seem to have content anymore unlike in the early days when people will rush home to watch some certain programmes on TV.

Speaking with New Telegraph on the state of the industry, Sadiq said, “I don’t know whether we are sinking, but it is like we don’t longer have programmes people can run home to watch anymore. We used to have content those days, but we lack contents now and I don’t know why

.” The actor further pointed that aside Nollywood which now parades some actors who have nothing to offer, some media practitioners have nothing to write home about with their low level of spoken English.

“If you listen to radio and television stations, most of the English they speak is horrible and terrible. I won’t want my children to watch TV programmes. We have some good actors in Nollywood while some of them are terrible,” he added.