Over the years, we have heard stories of actresses who try to meet up with the glamorous life that Nollywood has set getting into trouble.  

Nollywood actress Folorunsho Adeola Arikegold, who has tasted the waters in the industry has revealed how some actresses go the extra miles to ensure that they are represented in some of their movies.

She said “The challenges most actors face is that sometimes we tend to live beyond our means to keep our image. I take all the challenges as a lesson .When you are undergoing training as an actress you face challenges, but it depends on your level of desire and how far you want to go. Sometimes, if you going for a job and the production manager tells you that you have 10 or 15 scenes to shoot, as a lady you have to invest in new clothes because you can’t be repeating clothes on set.”

We hope aspiring actresses learn from this and curtain their expenses as actresses when they are faced with such challenge.