In some quarters, Nollywood practitioners believe that the high rate of piracy is what is giving birth to why some of them are now having other forms of businesses aside acting alone while some say the piracy has hindered them from releasing some movies.

The issue of piracy has become a pain in the neck for some time now especially in Nigeria and some stakeholders have tried at devising means of either cubing or controlling these menace which has not been easy.

For Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin, government just needs to step in because they are the ones in best position to help the industry from dying.

She explained in an interview with TV Continental programme ‘Your View,’ monitored by that with the high rate of piracy in the country, one can get to the age of 80 without owning a house due to the menace.

According to her, “We waste money and me, with my last movie, though I have eight right now, that eight I just want to hold on to it. Do you know why? As a young girl, you have money, you have couple of people that have helped you, I have strength to work, hmm, you will just realize that you wake up one day and you clock 80 without having a house of your own in this industry, it’s simple.

“If government can crucify drug peddlers they can crucify pirates also, they can do something. If they don’t want to do anything, my own is simple, sebi we have youths and you people will be here crucifying people who go into prostitutes, armed robbery and others, if government are not doing anything about piracy that industry is dead already not dying oh.”