One of Nigeria’s most lasting and singing twins cum actors, Mamuzee, have grown to become the understanding twins that many will love to emulate and despite their little misunderstanding as brothers, they have been able to grow together over time.

The duo who recently turned a year older some weeks ago recently disclosed that what brings joy to them more is God’s favour upon their life.

They stated that they have been able to survive all through the years because he has so much love for them and despite that they were not born into a rich family, they have been able to God’s work in the lives.

In the words of the twins, “You know just yesterday we where wondering, after all these years,why and how God has been faithful to us and our family, it’s not like we where born into wealth, or had rich parents but God has been kind to us, it’s not like we play shows every week but God has been kind to us,it’s not that we are the best twins in Nigeria, but God is kind to us. It can only be God’s grace. Now Grace is the ability to function properly without disgrace & find peace in the mist of war. So every time people ask, how come you guys are surviving, I tell them it’s Gods grace and mercy, some believe and some Don’t but in the end I just tell the haters, your perception of who we are, is a reflection of you.”