The law has finally caught up with those who are projecting dirty and unholy Nollywood movies on Youtube and other platforms in Nigeria. The  directors under the aegis of Nollywood Crusader Directors  has come together to deal with actors and actresses who ever get involved in s*x related movies.


The statement from the body was  signed by Nollywood actor Charles Awurum and founder of Igbo film forum, comrade Eze Harris Chuma. The letter reads:“We have also agreed not to employ the services of the actors in any movie they are directing,” they said. They have also called on parents to always monitor the Internet to see what their wards are doing in the name of acting.

“This is everybody’s fight. Many innocent young girls are being tricked or forced into accepting to act the indecent roles and some because of their innocence, childish brain, and hunger to become movie stars, willingly accept the roles, and even pay for it with their bodies or money. Those that have not gotten to the age of reasoning are the ones we cry for. Those above 20 years can go ahead and act their blue movies, if that is what they have agreed with their parents. They cannot be used by any concerned Nollywood Crusader directors.

“This is not in our culture, and it is not our tradition. Parents should be careful of what their children are using their phones to watch. At 4 years, most of our children have started to operate phones very well, even more than some adults. We are talking today, for the sake of tomorrow. This young actors will be mothers and fathers tomorrow, they will sit and watch the shameful acts of their parents, years past,” the statement reads.  Any actor or actress caught in the act will be isolated and punished accordingly,”