Popular Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba, has disclosed his wish-list and would want President Muhammadu Buhari to grant him his request.

According to the comedian, who is very vocal on the social media, he would want the Nigerian leader to jail all corrupt politicians and high ranking civil servants.

In his words, “My opinion may not be backed up by a professional calling like that of the people who parade themselves around you. I do not want political appointment, I have said no to offers before.

“You may want to ask my father, OBJ. I say it as it is and if you ask him, he will also tell you what the consequences of not listening will be.”

“Many now regret not listening. Fight corruption like you are doing now and punish all who have enriched themselves by defrauding this country. Confiscate all their properties. Withdraw their national honours, if they got any. Blacklist companies, banks and financial institutions that were used as conduit for robbing the state of her funds.

“Jail the people who dipped their hands in our pensions fund, charge them for the deaths of people who died on the queue waiting for accreditation while someone was lounging on their hard earned sweat. Prosecute whoever failed to carry out the ruling of all the justices who sat at the Supreme Court that directed that Justice Salami be reinstated but nothing was done. Strengthen the security agencies. Jail policemen who abuse their powers,” he noted.