Ruggedman: Dagrin was one of the few rappers that I appreciate in Nigeria. He was really talented and very original. Besides, he was a very humble guy that everybody loves. His death is no doubt a big loss to the world.

Peter Okoye (P-Square): I was dazed when the news of Dagrin’s death got to me. I was so shocked that I started to imagine if that is how people die, just like that! Dagrin was a humble, easy going and extremely talented guy. He was one of the most promising acts that I thought would shoulder the responsibility of taking Nigerian rap music to the next level in a couple of years. He was indeed a talent.

Emmanuel ‘Kaha’ Nzemeke: I don’t really understand Yoruba language but Dagrin made it quite interesting through his music. I can remember one of the best lines of his music, ‘…mo l’enu bi pon pon pon…’ The guy was quite unique and I respect him for that. May his soul rest in peace.

J Martins: As a good Christian, I have learnt that there is nothing that happens to a human being without the consent of God. He has reasons for everything action He takes. Dagrin was a blessing to our music industry and we all loved him, but God loves him most. May his soul rest in peace.

Zdon Paporella: I still find it difficult to believe that Dagrin is gone. But I believe that he is still alive because his works cannot die. Dagrin was quite talented and was one of the best. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

Stella Monye: It is quite unfortunate that we lost such a promising and talented star. Although he died at a very young age, he created an impact which made one to think he had been there for a very long time. As a mark of respect for him, I have postponed my Huk Up Show scheduled for today because I cannot be dancing when others are mourning.