When self-styled Love Doctor and relationships counsellor, Joro Olumofin and trending social media diva, Ese Eriata, decided to do a suggestive couple photo shoot, they knew for sure that many tongues would wag and many more social media goers would be confused.

No doubt, they have pulled it off quite well. No doubt too, they hope to profit therefrom. But because we are obliged to unravel celebrities, we have come up with all the possible explanations to keep you in the know.

Take a look at the shoot, and lets tell you what we think.

First, we will tell you what the whole act is not. It is not:


A Pre- Wedding Shoot
A Romantic Affair
A Movie
What we believe the whole act is about:

A Show: One way or the other, these two are up to something and a show ranks very high on the list of possibilities. When it happens, don’t forget to thumbs up to us.

A Merger Of Two Brands: No doubt these two have been growing their brands over the months, with a common platform of social media and lifestyle focus serving as very good reason to forge an alliance. Imagine Joro’s love and romance tales blended together with Ese’s hilarious but blunt video posts!


An Acquisition: Depending on who has more money on the table, maybe one of them is actually acquiring the other’s brand. In this line of thought, it’s most likely Joro who is acquiring Ese’s brand. But then, you never can tell how much financial muscle Ese has garnered over the months, what with her cameo appearance on reality TV show, BBNaija.

A Life Style ‘Something’: Whether it is a show or a social media platform these two are cooking, it will definitely be more about lifestyle, romance and counselling.


Whatever they cook out of the suspense they have created, we believe the strategy they have deployed has gotten many social media goers on an endless guessing game. Some have even gone as far as congratulating them on their upcoming wedding and talking about their compatibility! These tips here should set things straight.

Fingers crossed.