Last Friday, a High Court sitting in Lagos overturned the judgment of a magistrate court which offered former beauty queen, Ibinabo Fiberesima bail after killing..

a medical doctor in a motor accident in a case of drunk-driving. Justice Oluwayemi expressed shock that the magistrate court could give an option of fine which the nature of the offence does not permit. The court therefore sentenced the ex-beauty queen to five years imprisonment.

The case started in 2005 and when Ibinabo was driving along the Lekki-Epe express road in a car believed to belong to her musician friend, Daniel Wilson. According to statements, she was driving under the influence of alcohol when she purportedly hit the medical doctor, Suraj Giwa. The accident resulted in the death of the doctor, and a case of manslaughter was immediately filed against her.

After months of trying the case, an Igbosere Magistrate Court in Lagos, finally gave a fine option of N100,000 to Ibinabo. The money was instantly paid, and Ibinabo was released.

However, the Lagos State Attorney General, Mr. Olasupo Shasore (SAN) was not satisfied with the judgment of the Magistrate’s Court, and an apeal was filed at the High Court where the case was re-opened. At the end of it all, Justice Oluyemi described the lower court’s sentence as judicial recklessness, and ordered that the N100,00 fine be returned to Fibresima while she be put in jail for five years.

Ibinabo out of sight

Before the judgment last week on the former beauty queen, Ibinabo had been actively involved in the social circles. She even threw a lavish party for her son some weeks ago. But since the pronouncement she has suddenly disapeared from the scene. Efforts to reach her have been abortive. Even her phone has remained switched off. She is said to be residing somewhere in Rivers State at the moment.

While commenting over her disappearance, a man who claims to be Ibinabo’s counsel explained that the case was beyond the High Court now, and that that was why Ibinabo is still free. The latest judgement is being appealed and the lawyer hopes it will be overturned.

One tragedy befalls another – Fred Amata

THE relationship between Fred Amata and Ibinabo is an obvious one as they have a female child to show for it. Their lovey-dovey started about two years ago, not long after Fred parted ways with his television personality wife, Agatha. Since then, Fred and Ibinabo became inseparable. When eventualy Ibinabo got pregnant for him, stories went around that Fred was not happy about it. But the two denied the allegation.

However after the birth, Fred and Ibinabo remained close friends. After much insistence, Fred finally commented on the jail term imposed on Ibinabo. When called, Fred who was being cautious of what he was about to say asked for a few minutes to record whatever he said. He eventually described Ibinabo’s predicament as one tragedy befalling another. Meaning the death of Dr. Giwa, and the Ibinabo’s jail term are two tragedies.

What becomes of little baby?

The arrival of the baby was greeted with joy, though by then, both Fred and Ibinabo were not as close as before. Ibinabo had custody of the baby, while Fred takes care of the financial obligations.

If eventually Ibinabo goes to prison, there will a Rochette of events and the most troubling of all will be, what will become of her one year old daughter? As a toddler, the baby is at the stage of her life where motherly care is most important. This fact of course will be one of the arguments her counsel will canvass in court. Fred, in an interview with the Nigerian Compass on Saturday, refrained from talking on the issue. “I don’t want to comment on that matter’, he said.

What entertainment people say

Lady Judith – PMAN V.P.

I feel for her and what she is going through. It is not as if she planned it, I also understand that the family lost someone. But I really feel for her because she is also a mother. She is someone who works hard for herself, and I admire that in her.

Jaiye Kuti – Actress producer

I do not really know much about the details of the case, but it is a sad thing that one of our own may be going to jail. If she really did it, then I am very sure that she is sorry for it. I know that she is a very kind-hearted person. I don’t really know her personally, but I know her personality.

Agata Amata – Tv personality

I really don’t want to talk about the issue. You know that if I say something good about the issue they will say that I am a pretender and if I say anything bad they will say that I have bad belle for the girl so I don’t want to say anything for now.

Teco Benson – Movie maker

I don’t think that the judgment was fair. I have not seen where someone will be punished so much for an offence you did not commit on purpose. When I read the story on the Internet I was shocked. She had been freed, yet they still sentenced her again. I don’t think it is fair.

Hazeez Balogun

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