A student in the Department of Medical Laboratory Science at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Mirabel Obi, has claimed that her father lost contracts due to her twerking video that went viral five days ago.

Obi also alleged that she has been receiving hate speeches and outrage from her family over the incident.

On Saturday a video went viral involving Obi who twerked half-clad in front of Akpabio Hostel in a bid to win N30,000 in a competition, causing a stir on social media.

Two days after, the student had took to her Instagram page to debunk claims that she was expelled for her act, adding that the school authorities ransacked her belongings.

In a recent post on her Instagram story on Thursday, she alleged that people had slut-shamed her because of the act, stating that her actions brought shame to her family.

She said, “Everyday, I just keep wondering if I committed one big crime that would warrant these hate speeches from a lot of people. Like how did my life get here?

“So had it been it was a s– tape, people would expect me to kill myself? A dance that I felt was very harmless. Is it worth it?