What I did after my IVF failed’ – Filmmaker Stephanie Coker

Nollywood producer, Stephanie Coker, has described the period she struggle with Polycystic ovarian syndrome as the worst in her lifetime.

The filmmaker revealed that the experience made her suicidal.

According to Coker, her first daughter, Ariella, was conceived via IVF but her second attempt failed woefully.

In a recent interview, the Nollywood stakeholder explained that her PCOS diagnosis was “life-threatening,” stressing that she was constrained to a wheelchair and was vomiting blood and didn’t see her period for a year.

The filmmaker stated that she felt dejected after her second IVF failed and once contemplated stepping in front of a moving car.

“I got pregnant and had my first child on the first IVF but the second one failed and I actually wanted to stand in front of a car and let the car hit me. My daughter wants a sibling. I’m not getting back on that flight with no baby. I called my friend and told her ‘I don’t think the child liked me. It didn’t stay,’” Coker said.