Despite having a baby a subject she refused to talk about, Mercy Aigbe still has a face and figure that makes men’s heads turn. A graduate of Creative Art from UNILAG, she spoke with SAMUEL OLATUNJI on acting and her kind of man.

What have you been up to lately?
I have been busy working. I worked with Yemi Solade, Iya Awero, Lola Idije and others. After that I did an English film with Desmond Elliot and others.

How many English movies have you done in all?
I have done just a few, about four movies. The titles are Senseless, Ex-convict and others I cant remember.

How many Yoruba movies have you done?
I have lost count.

Who are the English actresses you have worked with?
I’ve worked with Stephnora, Chioma Chukwuka, Desmond Elliot, Pat Attah.

How did you break into the lead role category?
It’s just that when you are good at what you are doing, you won’t have problems.

There is a story where you said you are the best Yoruba actress. How true is that?
I never said I’m the best, I just said thank God I’m not doing badly.

Are you the best?
I leave that judgement to my fans.

When are we going to see Mercy Aigbe produce her own movie?
I’ve produced my own Yoruba movie, but it is yet to be released. The title is Ipinnu Oluwa. The actors are Yomi Fash Lanso, Fathia Balogun, Funsho Adeolu, Iyabo Ojo, Bose Afolabi, and Mide Martins. It doesn’t have a marketer yet.

Who actually sponsored the movie?
It’s my movie, produced by me, sponsored by me.

How much did you spend on the movie?
I won’t tell you that.

What should we expect from the movie?
It’s an emotional movie. You should expect to cry and laugh. It is about a couple that went through life-threatening experiences.

Does it mean it’s not a love movie?
There is love, betrayal, it’s a mixed grill and it will surely teach lots of lessons when people watch it.

Are you an emotional person?
Yes, I’m emotional. I don’t know your own definition of being emotional. But when Mercy Aigbe sees those that cannot cater for their needs, she’s moved. When I see people not doing so well, I reach out and try to help. I’m very emotional.

What about on the issue of love?
Ehm. I fall in love because I’m a human being now, and I’m in love right now.

How many times have you fallen in love before this time?
(Laughs). I’m in love right now and that is all I can tell you.

Why did it take you so long before you found love?
I don’t know. Maybe this was just God’s time for me to find love.

I’m sure there has been so many guys out there who would have wanted your hand in marriage?
They didn’t suit my taste. I just found someone that has all the qualifications to be my own man.

What are the qualifications you look for?
My ideal man should be very handsome, caring, understanding, loving, honest and very hardworking.

Do you have that in the man you have now?

Who is he and what does he do?
He’s a very private person and I wouldn’t like to talk about him.
I learnt that he’s also a movie person. How true is that?
He’s not a movie person. He does business.

Where did you guys meet?
We met at a friend’s party.

How was growing up like?
Growing up was fun, but my father is a very strict man. I’m from Edo State. My father is a Benin man. He’s a very disciplined man; he really taught us so many things. All the same, growing up was fun.

What about your mum?
My mum is very caring. It’s my father that is strict. I live with my mum and dad.

How did they take the news that you were going into acting?
My father didn’t agree. He has always been against it, but now they’ve given me their blessings.

What about school?
I went to the University of Lagos; I have B.A in Creative Arts. I was also at Ibadan Polytechnic and I have OND in Accounting, Financial Studies.

When did you graduate from Unilag?
I left in 2003.

When did you start acting fully?
It’s either late 2005 or 2006.

Who introduced you into acting and which was your first movie?
I’ve always acted because when I was in school I was acting. I was studying Theartre Arts. I worked for a while when I left school and I came back. I went for audition and I got the role. The movie that brought me to lime light is Ara produced by Wemimo Films.