Ice Prince is unarguably one of Nigeria’s best rappers at the moment. He is an artiste under Chocolate City, which boasts of talented artistes. His music has been applauded by both pundits and critics.

He recently waxed a new song entitled ‘Tears For Naija’. He has now disclosed the inspiration behind the song.

“First of all, the song was inspired from pain, sadness, about the situation of my country at the time. There is the story about the kidnap the Chibok girls and I was really pained and I went to the studio and expressed myself and I called it ‘Tears For Naija’

“That song was different from the Bring Back Our Girls campaign group. It wasn’t the organisation that made me do it. It was the inspiration that made me do it.

“(My) experience in Jos was part of the reason I felt I needed to put my voice on the topic of bring back our girls issue because I come from an area that is known for violence for maybe 10 to 12 years. I witnessed the first two crises in Jos myself and it’s ugly. It’s completely ugly,” he said.