One is not sure exactly when men begin to take an interest in what they wear and how they look, but their reason is not far fetched as experts are pretty sure it coincides with an interest in the ever changing fashion scene. Almost overnight, the once bathroom avoiding man is miraculously transformed into a soap, water and cream magnet. He has also become attractive to the nostrils, even to the eyes as well, and their wardrobe is taking turn for the better, it seems.

Don’t get me wrong, this transformation is a welcomed change and most women would agree, but it’s generally the change in clothes that has the most impact. Despite the change of clothing preference, there is one item of clothing that seems to be an almost universal standard boxer shorts, body cream, hand cream, perfumes, face powder, lip gloss the list seems endless.

Manufacturers have also put into consideration men’s changing taste in fashion as they constantly churn out different body cream and lotion lines to suit different skin types. NIVEA for men is a moisturising body lotion that is especially developed for men, this light, non greasy body lotion works to provide long-lasting moisture and enhance your skin’s natural protection.
For clothing item, guys and boxer shorts are ubiquitous and the presence of boxer shorts in any male wardrobe will never draw unfavourable comments.

There is a timeless style and accepted kudos attributed to the wearer that makes this particular choice of underwear the obvious choice. But what is it with guys and boxer shorts? Perhaps the answer has more to do with a woman’s perception of a guy in boxer shorts that what guys think of them themselves. Enough has been written about women and their fondness for men in boxer shorts for men to feel obliged to wear them if they are to be in with a chance.
Regardless of what women think of guys in boxer shorts, the fact is that they are extremely comfortable and very flattering to the male physique and it doesn’t hurt their status to be endorsed by the medical profession either. There can’t be a single prospective father who hasn’t been advised to wear a pair of boxers.

Whether you’re looking for a fashion statement, under doctor’s orders or just looking to keep your bits cool, the love affair between guys and boxer shorts looks set to continue, but why am I telling you, I’ll bet you or your guys wardrobe is just full of these iconic beauties.