Popular actress and politician, Tonto Dikeh has stated why nobody’s opinion will matter in her political aspirations.

The controversial star actress made this known on an Instagram live interview with Daddy Freeze saying, “the truth is I have motivated more women with my failures than I have with my success. My success has not done anything for anybody. My success has only gotten me cars, and beautiful things that I want but my failures, I have seen women cry to me in my DM (Direct Message) and tell me how strong they are, I have seen women cry to me and tell me how the way I take care of my son inspires them. I don’t take that for granted so I don’t care. These are the little things I don’t take for granted that is why nobody’s opinion will ever matter” she said.

Continuing, she said, “I sat down to think about this, my son is already grown up, do I want to open all of these wounds because I want to rule, do I want to open this because I have a passion for my country and I want to govern my state into a right path that I think is good for them I said to myself, yes, because they are my mistakes, not yours, I can talk about them freely.”

The ‘My Life My Damage’ star also urged women on the need to get involved in politics saying “I believe so much in women, I believe that women can push and make this country greater than it is, I believe that women can catapult this country from the situation we are now into the future that we see as Nigerians but I also believe these women are too scared to come out because of what people are doing to me today,” she noted.