For those who know the chocolate-complexioned Island player,known amongst his cronies,as Gbenga Islander,they will confirm it that he is indeed a guy who can get any woman he wants any day,any time.

Despite the fact that he is well-endowed in his pocket,Gbenga is a very handsome dude with a smooth and reserved way of life.

However,of recent a tale of a relationship of sort has been brewing between the duo of Bimbo Thomas and Gbenga Islander and this seems to be drawing some attention towards the socialite.

Sources revealed that the rumour started when Bimbo was recently spotted with Islander in a club,chatting amorously and taking pictures.Since then,the rumour mills have been agog,but associates of the businessman who is known to shuttle between Spain and Nigeria,have wondered where the story originated from,as they have totally denied the existence of any such relationship between the two.