A few weeks after she was unfortunately robbed by armed men in Lagos traffic, popular actress Kemi Afolabi has queried the state of security in the nation.

Nollywood actress Kemi Afolabi has expressed her fear of the current situation in the country, saying that no one is secure anymore.

In a post on her Instagram page, Kemi Afolabi said that the streets are now dangerous, that dangerous roads prevent people from going out, and that Nigeria’s insecurity has spiraled out of control.

According to Kemi Afolabi, recent negative news has worried her, ranging from robbers shooting at individuals to kidnappings, siblings killing one other, and husbands, wives, and suspected yahoo boys killing each other.

In her words: Locked up @home. Deadly streets, dangerous roads wouldn’t let me come out. Is my home even safe? Insecurity in Nigeria has gone totally out of control!!!

Bandits shoot at people randomly, adopt a, and kidnap. Siblings are killing one another. Husbands and wives are betrayed each other. boyfriends killing girlfriends for yahoo plus.

Parents killing their children or rituals, all these because of money. I AM SO SCARED. Which way NIGERIANS?