What will happen if I act in a bad movie –Owobo Ogunde

Nollywood actor, Owobo Ogunde, has revealed why he cannot act in a substandard movie throughout his career.

According to Owobo, one of the sons of a Nigerian theatre pioneer, Hubert Ogunde, the spirit of his late father will haunt him if he acts in a movie below quality.

In a recent interview, the actor who played the role of Bashorun in Kunle Afolayan’s movie series, Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre, added that his formative days prepared him for acting.

Asked if he has plans to feature in more Nigerian films, Owobo said, “Yes, I will be featuring in more productions. But, they have to be quality ones, because I don’t want my father chasing me around in my dreams for participating in substandard projects (laughs). A few people have also reached out to me through social media, saying they would chase me around if I let Baba (Ogunde) down. So, I am on my toes.”

Speaking further, the actor said, “I started performing arts at a very young age. I used the words, ‘performing arts’, because acting is only one of one’s capabilities as an artist. The way I move, speak and dance were shaped during my formative years.  I had been performing all my life, even when I was not on stage. When one has the opportunity to go through proper training at a young age, those skills don’t ever leave one. They are stored forever.”