Unhappy marriages are everywhere. Saturdays are for weddings, and Fridays for divorce. Ever heard that famous saying? Marriage is losing its value because of the many divorce stories we hear every day.

Today a couple can look happy and in love, the next day, they will be negotiating with lawyers on how to split properties. Unfortunately, there is a growing lack of patience in our society. Many creative minds are paying attention to this and it offers inspiration for Tissy Nnachi’s latest film, “When a Woman Loves”.

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“When a Woman loves” features Cassie (Lilian Esoro) a housewife struggling to save her marriage from crashing. Cassie and Pedro (Femi Jacobs) have been married for five years, because they have not had a child for the five years of their marriage, her husband’s behavior towards her drastically changes. He is mean to her and he starts having affair. Pedro blames her for their lack of children. Subsequently, his side chick fakes a pregnancy and he focuses his attention on her. It allows Cassie the space to meet and talk to other people. She meets Alex (Gbenro Ajibade) and he offers her the type of kindness she has lacked in her marriage. Pedro starts struggling when his mistress leaves him and he finds out it was a fake pregnancy; he tries to get his wife back. But is it too late to make amends?

Tissy Nnachi’s focus is the challenges marriages face and how men and women can contribute to the lack of satisfaction in a marriage. Pedro starts causing problems in his marriage when he gets dissatisfied with the lack of children. He does not blame himself, and as usual, the woman is blamed. Unfortunately when he realizes this, his wife begins to enjoy a growing affection for Alex. He tries to impress her by washing her clothes, and eating her food (which he had rejected for six months) but Cassie is mean towards him. Tissy preaches about patience and the importance of patience in marriages.

Femi Jacobs does a great job as the oppressive husband. Lillian Esoro goes from being depressed to having a fantastic and happy life. They are both compatible actors and they do a good job of the task given to them.

When a Woman Loves earns 6/10 from Xplore

Producer: Tissy Nnachi

Director: Tissy Nnachi

Script: Tissy Nnachi

Cast: Lillian Esoro, Femi Jacobs, Gbenro Ajibade, Monique Samuel, Darlington Opara

Year: 2017